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“The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth.”
Dr.Maria Montessori
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Pre-Nursery Stepping Stone (PNSS) trial class
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Our Programs

Students are introduced to the Montessori environment where they learn at their own pace and develop social skills, work habits, confidence and independence. The specially-designed Montessori learning environment awakens their sense of discovery and fosters a lifelong love of learning.
NIDO - Infant Program

Nido (N)
9-16 Months

Infant Program

Adult supervision required

Taste of Montessori

Taste of Montessori (TOM)
16 – 36 months

Bilingual English/Putonghua or English only

Adult supervision required

Pre-Nursery Stepping Stone

Pre-Nursery Stepping Stone (PNSS) 16 – 36 months

Prepares your toddler for Pre-Nursery or Kindergarten

Limited adult supervision required

Montessori Enrichment

Montessori Enrichment
(2-6 years old)

Promotes independence and gradual separation Preparation and skills training for Pre-Nursery

Limited adult supervision required

Curriculum for all playgroups includes:

Picture of Parent & Toddler Programs

Parent & Toddler Programs

Specially-designed to meet the learning needs of students aged 9–36 months, our progressive playgroup programs help prepare toddlers to attend school independently.

Picture of Kindergarten (Casa)

Kindergarten (Casa)

A mixed-age classroom for students aged 3 – 6, Casa is an environment rich in curiosity, communication, and budding skills as readers, writers, and explorers. Over the three years, Casa students develop literacy and numeracy, confidence, grace and courtesy skills, and a deep-seated interest learning.

Picture of Pre-Nursery (Pre-Casa)

Pre-Nursery (Pre-Casa)

Students aged 2 – 3 years old develop motor skills, language, and social skills while increasing their independence and concentration. This immersive bilingual environment equips young children to attend Casa.

Picture of Primary School

Primary School

Our students move on to both local and international primary schools from age 6 upwards. A Montessori child is prepared to transition to the next stage of their education with a solid foundation of self-awareness, collaborative learning experiences, and experiential, student-led learning.

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