Montessori playgroup Trial Class

Campus: North Point and Tin Hau
*Applies to students new to our playgroup.

    Nido or TOM :  $350        PNSS: $380

Program description:

  • Nido Montessori Infant Playgroup is a gentle Introduction to the Montessori early childhood learning approach which provides a stimulating multi-sensorial environment. Parental involvement in Nido is strongly preferred.
  • Taste of Montessori (TOM) is a bilingual program that adds a taste of Montessori to the learning routine of toddlers who are already attending nursery school or kindergarten. Full parental or caregiver supervision is required.
  • PNSS (Pre-Nursery Stepping Stone Program) is specially designed to help students build the critical skills and independence needed for Pre-Nursery or Kindergarten. Through an array of customized activities, our approach encourages students to take the initiative, make their own choices, and think independently. Limited parental or caregiver supervision is required.

NIDO - Infant Program

Nido (N) 9-16 Months

Infant Program

Adult supervision required

Taste of Montessori

Taste of Montessori (TOM) 16 – 36 months

Bilingual English/Putonghua or English only

Adult supervision required

Pre-Nursery Stepping Stone

Pre-Nursery Stepping Stone (PNSS) 16 – 36 months

Prepares your toddler for Pre-Nursery or Kindergarten

Adult supervision required

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