Students are introduced to the Montessori environment where they learn at their own pace, develop social skills, work habits, confidence and independence. The specially designed Montessori environment awakens the young child’s sense of discovery and fosters a love of learning.

Curriculum for all playgroups includes:

Playgroup Programs

We offer three playgroup programs:

  • Nido Montessori Infant Playgroup is a gentle Introduction to the Montessori early childhood learning approach which provides a stimulating multi-sensorial environment. Parental involvement in Nido is strongly preferred.
  • TOM (Bilingual English/Putonghua or English only) adds a taste of Montessori to the learning routine of toddlers who are already attending nursery school or kindergarten elsewhere. Full parental or caregiver supervision is required.
  • PNSS – Pre-Nursery Stepping Stone is for toddlers 16-36 months old. Students are promoted from our playgroups based on age and readiness for increasingly independent activities. This program helps students develop independence needed for Pre-Casa (Pre-Nursery). Limited parental or caregiver supervision is required.

Nido Montessori Infant Playgroup

Campus: North Point only

Age: 9 to 16 months old

A gentle introduction to the Montessori way of learning, our Nido Program offers young toddlers a unique experience and atmosphere where sensorial learning and exploration are respected and supported.  

Taste of Montessori Saturday Playgroup (TOM)

Campus: Tin Hau and North Point

Age: 16 to 36 months old

For toddlers who may already be attending nursery school or kindergarten but would like to get a taste of Montessori in their regular learning routine.


Montessori Pre-Nursery Stepping Stone Program (PNSS)

Campus: Tin Hau and North Point

Age: 16 to 36 months old

Toddlers develop independence through a gradual separation process and gain the necessary skills to get ready for Pre-Nursery or Kindergarten.

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