Montessori Enrichment (2-6 years old)

Montessori Enrichment Program

Join us for 2, 3 or 4 days a week

The ideas of the mind become concrete through the work of the hand. Our carefully prepared Montessori environment acts as a window to the world by bringing new discoveries to the child through 5 stages of organized activity. From dynamic forms, structures, patterns, and their relationships in the world, the child constructs her own body of knowledge. The Montessori approach also assists the development of the whole child, including independence, self-discipline, respect for others and lifelong learning habits.

Minimum enrollment: 36 lessons. Apply online.

Montessori Enrichment Program

Learning Progression

The work of the child is both physical and intellectual. In a carefully prepared environment, we give the child every facility for concentration and choice. The materials the child handles, arranges and manipulates are aids to his mental growth. Practical life work consists of purposeful activities and are essential to the child’s intellectual, physical and social development.

Sensorial exercises cover the qualities that can be perceived by the senses, such as size, shape, texture and weight. When such qualities cannot be taught by words, it is with repeated manipulation of the sensorial materials that the child begins to form clear ideas of their properties and qualities. Sensorial work lays the foundation for complex abstract thinking and gives the child the ability to process information abstractly.

We give the keys to the child to open up a treasure chest of continents, hemispheres, countries, flags, landforms and oceans, and their relationship to each other.

The child is introduced to the world of animals and plants, and also learns the names of their isolated parts. The child gains new vocabulary and concepts in both subject areas, and a better insight into the natural world.

From the work learned in Stages 2, 3 and 4, the child transforms her newfound knowledge into language. Children are capable of learning advanced terminology at a young age and using them in a precise manner, for example, “this is a blue ovoid”, or “the horse has a thick mane”. These scientific terms and knowledge are potential building bricks to build the child’s intelligence, confidence and interest in science subjects.

About the program:

  1. Students must be between the ages of 2 and 6.
  2. Each stage of learning lays the foundation for the next stage.
  3. Students who have previously attended our playgroup are advised to begin from Stage 1, as the Practical Life and Sensorial work is at a more advanced level in the Enrichment Program.
  4. Students with no prior Montessori experience must begin from Stage 1. Advancement to the next stage will be based on the child’s readiness.
  5. Students receive an assessment report at the end of every 36 lessons.
  6. Upon successful completion of a learning stage, students will be progressed to the next stage.
  7. Upon completion of all 5 learning stages, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.
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