Teachers for our Parent & Toddler programs include:

robin leroy

A Montessori-certified teacher

As an experienced observer and guide, the Montessori teacher will work with your child to become familiar with the classroom routine and activities, and present new and more challenging materials based on your child’s individual patterns of interest and readiness.

robin leroy

A native English language teacher

With awareness of the absorbent mind of the toddler, the English teacher offers authentic English language input in the form of communication, naming, questions and answers, stories, and songs. Vocabulary-building, social skills, and cognitive training are all linked with language from an early age, and promoted through engaging Montessori activities.

robin leroy

A native English Putongua teacher

Providing a parallel to the English teacher in our immersive bilingual Taste of Montessori playgroup, the Putonghua teacher expands the child’s cultural and communicative experiences by providing vocabulary, songs, and stories, as well as language relating to daily life and the Montessori classroom.