Art Loop Academy Programs

Art Loop Academy Programs

Pre-Year 1 Program (ages 2.5-3)

“Through lively storytelling we introduce an Artist’s background, and students will create different art projects based on drawing, coloring and clay modeling to enhance their motor and communication skills.”

Year 1 Program (ages 3-5)

Includes painting, drawing and modelling whilst introducing fundamental elements and techniques of the visual arts. Guided projects are meticulously designed to help students get a grasp of basic art elements such as shape, line and color. Such projects also allow them to understand and experiment with a wide range of materials. Following the completion of the projects, students are encouraged to express and share their work in individual oral presentations, thereby improving their confidence and public speaking skills.”

Year 3 Program (ages 6-11)

“Equipped with the fundamental elements and techniques of visual arts, students get to expand their creative potential on the course. In the creative studio setting, they are given the freedom to explore and experiment with the materials and techniques in stimulating ways.”

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