Section A: Student Information


Section B: Parent Information

Section C: Program Selection

* Fees subject to change beginning 1st September 2018.
‧ 16 - 24 months old
‧ 36 lessons
‧ $5,040 Per Instalment x 3 Instalments

Section D: Registration and Payment

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‧ Non-Refundable Application Fee $500

Total payment of $5,540

Note: For 12-lesson weekly Saturday programs, this is the complete tuition payment.
For all other programs, this payment is the Security Deposit. For terms and conditions, please read Section E below.

Section E: Terms of Enrollment

Enrollment and admission to Island Children's Montessori House (ICMH) are subject to the conditions outlined below.

  1. 1. A caregiver must accompany the child and remain at the campus at all times.
  2. 2. Students must attend at least 36 lessons at Tin Hau Toddler and North Point campus to be awarded the Certificate of Attendance; and 72 lessons for the Certificate of Completion.
  3. 3. Tuition fees are subject to change, effective 1st September 2018.
  4. 4. All classes at ICMH continue to operate under weather conditions:
    - Tropical cyclone 1 or 3
    - Amber or red rainstorm warning
  5. 5. Class cancellations that are beyond the control of ICMH will not result in makeup classes, tuition adjustment or refund, including Tropical cyclone number 8 or above; Black rainstorm warning advice; or other unforeseen circumstances, including EDB advice.
  6. 6. The commencement date can only be postponed once within 3 months of the original commencement date. If after postponing the commencement date the parent withdraws the child from any of our programs, neither the security deposit nor the application fee will be refunded.
  7. 7. Make-up lessons: two(2) make-up lessons are permitted for every 12 lessons and must be taken within 30 days of the missed lesson. Unused make-up lessons cannot be accumulated or carried over to other months. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the class teachers to arrange make-up lessons. Due to class scheduling, all missed or unused make-up lessons will not result in additional make-up lessons or fee refunds/adjustments.
  8. 8. All lessons in a 36-lesson parcel must be scheduled and completed within 6 months of the original commencement of classes. Placement after a period of leave or absence is subject to space availability and requires at least 2 weeks' notice of expected return date. When taking personal or extended leave, tuition fees remain due and payable during this time.
  9. 9. All other absences, including personal leave, will not result in make-up lessons, fee refunds/adjustments.
  10. 10. Withdrawal from program before completion of 36 lessons: the security deposit will not be refundable.
  11. 11. Withdrawal from program: parents who do not wish o continue after completion of the minimum 36 lessons must give withdrawal notice, by the 24th lesson at the latest. If insufficient notice is given, the security deposit will not be refundable after completion of the 36 lessons.
  12. 12. ICMH will not be responsible or liable for student or caregiver's personal injuries, accidents, losses or any other damages occurred and incurred on ICMH premises.

Parent Declaration and Acceptance of Terms

  1. 1. By signing this form, I understand and agree to abide by the terms, conditions and school policies outlined in this form.
  2. 2. I hereby release and agree to indemnify Island Children's Montessori House, its instructors, teachers, administrators, officers, directors, agents and employees, from any and all actions, claims and demands for damages, indemnity, costs, interest, loss or injury of every nature and kind whatsoever and howsoever, which we have had, may now or may hereafter have, in any way relating to or arising from my child's enrollment and/or participation of activities and events at Island Children's Montessori House.
  3. 3. I hereby permit my child to be filmed or photographed by Island Children's Montessori House and I hereby irrevocably grant permission for my child's likeness to appear in curriculum related areas and promotional materials authorized or published by Island Children's Montessori School and Kindergarten without notice or compensation, including the website.
  4. 4. I understand that requests for my child's photos to not be used must be explicitly made in writing.
  5. 5. I acknowledge having read the Terms of Enrollment. I hereby understand and agree to follow and adhere to the policies outlined, and such other rules and regulations that may be added here after by Island Children's Montessori House.
Price: $ 5,540.00